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Just because you are a lady doesn't mean you have that we don't have something for you. You don't have to buy pink products or something that you are not comfortable with using.

We offer a selection of firearms and accessories that are designed for you and are available in many colors!

If firearms aren't what you want, we also carry and can get a variety of Mace Pepper Spays, Stun Guns, and Tasers.

Matt and Ashley want you find something that you are comfortable with so that you too can learn to not only protect yourself or others with but also to show you how enjoyable this sport can be!

Ladies -
Are you looking for just something to have in the house?
Ladies -
How about something more for concealed carry?
They  How about something in a different color?
Even if you can't get the color you want you can add it easily by adding/changing out the grip! Now, of course, we need a holster!
We have several options and can get you a variety of colors!
Or how about these? These are a favorite!! We do have several styles and color options available.
Don't want to carry it? That is fine we have! Not sure you want a firearm...that's ok!
We also sell Tasers! They can even connect to your smart phone and will call for help!
How about some Mace Pepper Spray?

Other Accessories

There are so many options!! These are just a few of them!!

 Store Hours:
 Monday:        CLOSED
 Tuesday:       CLOSED
 Wednesday:  12pm - 7pm
 Thursday:     12pm - 7pm
 Friday:          12pm - 8pm
 Saturday:      10am - 2pm
 Sunday:        CLOSED

Our next Concealed Carry Class will be:
February or March, 2023 - Stay Tuned for Updates!

***You MUST stop in and payment is REQUIRED in advanced in order to sign up for a class and to hold your spot!!!***