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McDougall Firearms is a Class 3 Dealer who is  dedicated to serving your firearm needs with a fair price and great service.

We also offer training classes for basic shooting and Concealed Carry. Whether you are a beginner or competition shooter, McDougall Firearms can get you what you need.

Browse through our selection of firearms or stop by the store today!

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Pistol Receiver Revolver
Muzzleloader Pistol Receiver Revolver
Rifle Shotgun
Rifle Shotgun Silencer

 Store Hours:
 Monday:        CLOSED
 Tuesday:       CLOSED
 Wednesday:  12pm - 7pm
 Thursday:      12pm - 7pm
 Friday:          12pm - 8pm
 Saturday:      10am - 2pm
 Sunday:         CLOSED 

Our next Concealed Carry Class will be:
April 28, 2018.

***You must stop in and payment is REQUIRED in advanced in order to sign up for a class and to hold your spot!!!***